Aqua Card

3D animated TV advertisement

TV ad production required

We were approached by London marketing agency WPN chameleon with an exciting opportunity to work with them on a new advertising campaign for Aqua Card. They wanted a 30 second animated TV commercial that would be broadcast nationwide during daytime television.

Hooking them in!

Our main goal for this project was to help Aqua stand out in a competitive marketplace and so it was decided that a great way to achieve that was to use a quirky and retro inspired video game theme. With a 3D cartoon style and engaging narrative we would be able to grab the audience’s attention and deliver the message in an entertaining way.

Feeling the frustration

We felt that a fast and jerky pace would give our work the classic computer game quality we wanted. It also suited the hook animation, giving it a style that is reminiscent of fairground crane machines. This really helped to drive home the selling points within the ad.

Balancing the scales

During production we found that one of the trickiest things was achieving a delicate balance between realism and cartoon. We needed to create a genuine depiction of the Aqua Card itself whilst using a more stylised cartoony approach on other elements of the animation. It was critical that everything sat together well in the same environment too so we had a lot of balancing to do.

Murky waters

It was essential that the background water had a natural look that represented the depth of the sea, which we found was quite hard to achieve. We went through many iterations using different tints and glows to get the right thick and shadowy deep blue appearance.

Shimmering sea floor

The lighting in the sea needed to be very carefully crafted in order to create a realistic environment that balanced the bright and upbeat focal area and the deep ocean atmosphere of the background. To help add authenticity we included animated highlights across the bottom of the ocean known in the 3D rendering world as ‘caustics’.

Shipped on time

The TV advertisement space had been booked in advance and so it was vital that the animation was done on time for the broadcast. Our robust project management system allowed us to hit the broadcast deadline with time to spare and our client was delighted with the results!

Bigman brought our idea to life with professionalism and creativity, involving us at every step of the way. We were extremely grateful for their patience during several rounds of amends and last-minute tweaks to get things just right. The finished product is better than we ever imagined! Richie Florey

Head of delivery, WPN Chameleon