The World in Your Hands

Stop motion style animation

Corporate communications

For this project, the brief outlined the need for a short video that combined live action footage and CGI, to promote international banking services.

He’s got the whole world

To help get across the script in a visual and engaging way the video would star Steve, holding the Earth in hisĀ hands, to show just how small the world can feel thanks to modern banking.

A mix of old and new

We wanted to develop our CGI in a visually engaging style but there were a number of things to consider, we needed to ensure that the important message wasn’t lost in the visuals and that the style worked well. It was agreed that there should be a handmade charm to the campaign with a stop motion style, but our schedule was extremely tight. To combat this we used a combination of traditional techniques and modern CGI to achieve our desired look, this gave us the flexibility to incorporate the best of both techniques in a short space of time.

Hand painted props

To give our computer generated earth a quirky handmade look, we carefully studied how hand painted wooden props look. Inspired by this we incorporated these ideas in our design, striking a nice balance between clean, simple design and a quirky artisan look.

Talk to the gaffer

On set we used a real basketball painted blue as a placeholder for our CGI world, which meant all we would need to do in post production is swap the ball for our digital earth.

Catching polygons!

The last shot needed Steve to flick the ball off his finger and then catch it. This was quite a tricky shot as we wanted to make it look relaxed and smooth, as if a professional basketball player was doing a trick, but we also needed a great facial performance from Steve. We gaffer taped the ballĀ onto a piece of string, which allowed us to control it whilst Steve focused on delivering his lines and perfecting his catch.

Behind the scenes