TIPPS Ear Plugs

Product demonstration video

3D instructional video

Marlborough Communications came to us with a very typical issue, they were struggling to get users of their high end tactical ear protection plugs to read the instructions properly. The answer, of course, was an engaging video that could explain the method in an elegant and visual way in a fraction of the time, all the user would need to do is press play!

Detailed animatic

Our first step was to arrange the old instruction manual in a rough, animated form. This way we could start tweaking the text and setting the timings for different elements, whilst our 3D modellers were busy working to develop all of the 3D content.

Working with CAD files

Even though the actual product hadn’t been manufactured yet, we were easily able to create a 3D visualisation using Marlborough’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) files from the prototype stage. Using these allowed us to produce extremely accurate models very quickly.

A simplified visual style

We wanted to ensure that the focus of our animation was on how to correctly use the product, and so we decided to adopt a simplistic white style for all the human elements. This meant that there would be no visual distractions from the message we wanted to portray to the audience. We carefully set the camera focus on the ear plugs so that less important areas were defocused, helping to direct the viewers attention to exactly what they needed to know.