Cute Augmented Reality pet required

Sony London approached us to create many costumes for their augmented reality Playstation game for kids and families, Eyepet.

This game allows the player to interact with a virtual pet in many games and activities and utilises augmented reality to make the pet appear to be in your own home.

Walk-in wardrobe

When it came to modelling the costumes, the main concern was creating a style that highlighted the cute nature of the character. This included exaggerated button sizes, big stitches etc. We referenced many animation studios and style to achieve our costumes look, such as Pixar, Disney and the Japanese super deformed style, known as Chibi (ちび) in Japanese.  Japanese Art Director Masami Kochi worked with us on this project and her guidance in the Chibi style helped us create our cute costumes.

The costumes we created covered many themes that kids would enjoy including cowboy, pirate, princess, robot and many more.

Good boy!

Sony were delighted with our costumes and we created over 30 outfits in the end. This project marked our first foray into augmented reality way back in 2009. Augmented reality has developed by leaps and bounds in the last decade and Bigman are very proud to have been involved in the early stages with Sony Eyepet, a game ahead of it’s time.