Bigman R&D – Pollock

Artistic rendering software

A consistent style

CGI is an incredible tool that we use everyday to produce very high detailed, graphic imagery. However the classic style of CGI is very accurate and rigid. This means images can often be expressionless and almost cold.

Express yourself

As diverse artists we wanted the freedom to be as creative as possible with CGI. We thought it would be great if we could incorporate traditional styles into our work to give our images more depth and soul.

Why not do it in Photoshop?

The art filters already available to us, in programs such as Photoshop, are extremely restrictive and create very flat images as they know nothing about their subject matter, working almost blind.

Meet Pollock

We were so passionate about this idea we focused some time on R&D in order to develop our own artistic rendering program; Pollock. Pollock can covert basic CGI into a range of artistic styles, from traditional pencil or painterly ones to very abstract ones.

Human perception

As humans we perceive the world with our 5 senses and so we can instinctively depict 3D objects. We needed to replicate these senses in our program so that it would be able to create natural looking work.

Intelligent technology

Pollock is extremely intuitive and can see information about 3D images in very high detail. This information then allows Pollock to create artwork just like a real artist, because it knows the boundaries and depth of the object it is able orientate strokes to flow across the surface area and create dimension through the use of shading.