Branded character design

Marketing illustrations

In 2011 we were contacted by NCP to help them with their new marketing idea; to introduce a character series that could be used in a variety of future campaigns. They were determined that the design of the characters was unique and something that could be instantly recognisable as being part of the NCP brand.

Taking the brand 3D

We developed a geometric 3D style that mirrored the “rounded squares” design of their famous logo, which we used when creating all the elements that would make up our images. It was important that the customers of NCP could relate to the characters and so we ensured that our designs were extremely open and friendly.

Personalised caricatures

To avoid a very generic feel in this campaign we decided to base some of the characters on actual people from within the business. We created detailed caricatures in the style we developed, incorporating the body language and personalities of the employees. This added a human touch to the project and meant that it was completely individual to NCP.

Design process

Detailed planning is a key part of all the work we do and this project was no exception. We played close attention to detail when drafting all of the images for NCP, which allowed us to solve any design problems on paper before beginning the work digitally. This process is vital when working on a tight time scale, saving us time and effort.

Rendering style

We tailored our characters to include the best parts of reality and cartoon, creating a perfect blend for a clean and professional style. Although the cartoon characters were simplified, we used realistic lighting to create subtle shadows and reflections, which gave our images a refined, complex quality.

Versatile designs

The images we created were each themed around a different company message, which our characters would deliver. The branded style and digitalisation of the characters meant that they could be easily adapted for future campaigns. We have since incorporated the characters into fun campaigns for Christmas, new service launches, special offers and even for the London Olympics.