NCP Customer Journey

3D character explainer video

An animated sales brochure

NCP, the UK’s leading parking operator, needed a clear and concise way  to showcase the new technologies that were being implemented in their new car parks. They worked with us to create an explainer video that follows the journey of an NCP customer from start to finish, visually demonstrating each new feature step by step.

Back to the storyboard

The storyboarding phase is essential when creating CGI and is always the first thing we do when working on animation projects before beginning 3D modelling. We incorporate a high level of detail in our storyboards and often go through many redrafts to ensure that our finished work is to the highest possible standard.

Stylistic development

We had previously worked with NCP and created a character style that embodied their brand’s visual identity. When creating this animation we developed new elements in the NCP world but were careful to be consistent with the existing ’rounded squares’ design.

Character animation

At Bigman we pride ourselves on our ability to develop characters for companies that can deliver any information, regardless how dry, in an engaging way that is accessible to an audience. This NCP campaign is an excellent example of this as we told the story with the help of the lead character, Ed, who was based on a typical NCP customer.