Contemporary 3D branded graphics

Expanding a brand

The insurance providers Liverpool Victoria have a very established brand style but wanted a refresh of their existing imagery. They came to us to see what we could come up with, stressing that it was important the work we created was versatile as it would need to be used across all media platforms.

Problems along the way

The brief we were given was to produce a 3D graphic of the LV= Hearts scattered randomly. However when we began creating the images we found that having them completely random didn’t work and we needed to find a way to loosely control the hearts.

Organised chaos

In order to have a mixture of randomness and control we developed an algorithm that would allow us to control the size, rotation and position of the hearts. We also created controls for different groups, which had rules as to how they would behave. The rules were as follows:

  • a certain % will face forward
  • the large hero heart will always face the camera
  • small hearts will be truly randomly scattered

Glossy and appealing

With CGI we are able to create a wide variety of different styles and looks for our final images, which range from very realistic and textured to very simple and stylised. For this project we needed a balance of the two.  To form this balance we used realistic lighting, to create a natural reflection, but contrasted this with a very smooth and glossy finish on the 3D hearts.