Ernst and Young

Dynamic corporate illustrations

3D presentation material

The branding and communications studio Home Associates contacted us to help them by creating some illustrations needed by Ernst and Young for an urgent presentation.

A time sensitive project

We had a very tight deadline on this project as we only had 24 hours to produce an image combining 3D text in a real world scene. In order to meet the deadline and avoid any loss of time we split the responsibilities across our team, which meant that the work could be done quickly but still to a high standard as each element of the illustration would get the attention it deserved.

Weather simulation

Once our sculptural 3D text was positioned in our photograph we needed to match it to the surroundings. Not only did we have the challenge of accurately simulating the light but we also had to incorporate the weather into this image. To realistically recreate the rain we did some careful retouching of the image, painstakingly painting in the reflection and each droplet of bouncing rain.