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The VR agency by the sea

The future is here!

No longer restricted to the realms of science fiction or academic labs, virtual reality is now affordable for consumers and business and is rapidly redefining our world. In 2022, the landscape of VR continues to evolve, from the introduction of the Metaverse, the rising popularity of VR headsets within the video game industry, to the application of AR on the apps we use everyday on our phones – consumer VR is growing and already a world of possibilities have opened up for creating exciting new brand experiences.

The empathy machine

VR is the ultimate first person view and can cultivate empathy for subjects, situations and perspectives in ways that traditional film makers have only dreamed of.

Pick the best headset for the job

At Bigman, we have the capability to create immersive media for cheap using mass market devices like open source ‘Cardboard’ headsets, but also for high-end headsets like the Meta/Oculus Quest 2, Microsoft Hololens 2 etc.

The HTC Vive HMD

Virtual, Augmented or Mixed?

But what IS Virtual reality?

Regular ‘virtual reality’ is 100% synthetic, digital content where the user forgets the real world and becomes fully present in a digital one.

Augmented reality production

With ‘augmented reality’ we can add digital content to the real world, for example give your audience a cute virtual pet on their desk, float interactive price data around a shop window display or add dynamic virtual sculptures to a company foyer

Our mixed reality studio

Our ‘Mixed Reality’ green-screen studio allows other people to share in the experience, by combining the player with the virtual world, people see more than just an excited person with a piece of plastic on their face.

Hololens augmented reality

Architectural VR

Experience your design

Forget scale models or static computer generated images, VR allows your team and investors to immerse themselves in your building before even the foundations have even been dug!

Virtual real estate

With our room scale VR experiences you can actually, physically walk around a 5x5m space, crouch down to see under a table, or stretch up to look over a door frame. This sense of scale is unrivalled by any other type of media.

VR interior design – Customise your space

Change the colours of the walls, move the sofas around or swap kitchen components. VR allows you flexibility with interior design.

Virtual reality interior design architectural

VR Games

Step inside the game

Long hailed as the final frontier of gaming, we can now fully immerse ourselves in worlds of pure creativity and delight.

Move your body

Room scale VR technology such as the HTC vive allows us to move in a fun and natural way to walk around, hit opponents, kick balls or bang drums, transporting us into any environment we choose.

Gamerfy your campaign

Got a marketing message that just needs a little oomph or magic? VR is the perfect medium for entertaining your prospective customers, or educating them about your product or service in a fun and enthralling way.

A player uses VR to play a game

Design In VR

Create your world from within

For CGI geeks like ourselves, architects, automotive designers or anyone else creating spaces or sculpting products, virtual reality is quickly becoming the only way to experience your design as you work.

A paradigm shift for designers

Our old, 2 dimensional interfaces such as mouse, keyboard and monitor are set to melt away as we work in more physical ways that better reflect the full range of expressions of our human bodies. In the virtual world, the ergonomics that define our relationships with our designed environment take on a new level of nuanced sense of scale when we actually stand next right to our creations compared to seeing a flat image on a screen.

A designer uses VR to create 3D interactive art

VR events

Create a buzz on your stand

Give your attendees an experience they will never forget. Educate them, entertain them or do both, with a bespoke virtual installation on your stand.

Stand out from the pack

VR is new and this gives you a great chance to stand out from your competitors by deploying the latest cutting edge technology on your stand.

So social

Using our proprietary ‘Rene’ mixed reality technology we can show everyone what is going on in VR on a big screen where we see the player mixed into the virtual world. Add hashtags and branding to create fun viral content that reaches far beyond the show floor.

Man uses Vive headset to experience VR while his colleagues watch

VR tourism

Explore the world from the comfort of home

Whether you’re planning your next holiday, moving into a new neighbourhood, or simply want to see what the other side of the world looks like, VR gives us the freedom to explore places before we visit with a greater insight than ever before.

Scout out Locations

Imagine if you could view more than just curated pictures of a hotel before you book your stay, but actually be in the room? Or could look for the ideal spot to film your next project without the travel expenses? With the development of modern VR technology, we no longer have to.

360 VIDEO – press play, then click and drag to look around

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