Working with Bigman is one of the easiest collaborations I’ve ever been a part of. Aside from their obvious talent, quality and attention to detail, their communication is excellent, ensuring everything runs smoothly and on time and there are no miscommunications. The other benefit, of course, is that this is their obsession and so they always bring something new to the project. All in all with Bigman, you’re in safe hands.

Simon Helm

Design Director, The Brand Union

Tom at Bigman was brilliant to work with, he was so creative and fun. We wanted a 3D Polar Bear in such a short time, he and the team delivered it perfectly!

Elizabeth Honan

Show Producer, Capital FM

Having done our research nation-wide into what type of company could not only deliver on our brief but would ‘get us’, Bigman shone through by a country mile. Initially, we put through a small one off project of which they embraced as though we’d given them a feature-length 3D movie to work on. The quality and investment was instantly apparent. We loved that so much that we followed that up with a further 19 projects of a similar size. Unfortunately for Bigman, we asked for the 19 animations to be delivered in the same time as it took to create the 1. Of course, they delivered the animations – to deadline – but almost as important, they delivered with consistent, positive, communicative attitude – they totally bought into what we wanted to achieve and wouldn’t stop until we were happy clients. These guys are busting with ideas and energy and can only enhance your brand, we couldn’t recommend them enough.

Samantha Evans

Head of Global Creative, Systagenix

Have you ever wished that your most trusted art team members could grow an extra pair of arms? The Bigman team will give you just that. Delivering a first class creative and technical service Tom and his team delivered all artwork to spec and to the very highest quality. We are already looking at ways to work together again in the future, I recommend you do the same.

Ben Hebb

Art Director, Zoë Mode

Working with Bigman is like having that secret weapon you can turn to when you need that last minute CG asset done on time and on spec! In our case we needed some detailed yet to a spec heads for the BBC Frankenstein series promo which involves face shattering VFX. Not only did they do a good job with the image based modelling but they were also on standby for anything else we needed for the heads and at whatever hour it is in the day you can count on them replying to an urgent technical request email or phone call. Their output quality is top notch and they are always accommodating to whatever project pipeline we have.

Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull

Visual Effects Supervisor, Jellyfish Pictures

Tom’s feedback during the RenderMan Studio 4.0 beta program was extremely insightful in helping us refine our artist oriented workflows and solutions.

Chris Ford

Pixar's RenderMan Team