Bespoke brand styles

Express yourself

Give your brand some personality and stand out from the crowd with our bold, high resolution, beautiful images in your own unique style.

So many styles to choose from

We are constantly pushing ourselves to come up with new and unique illustration styles, this is because we believe you should have your own bespoke look that is carefully crafted to engage your target market.


Back to reality

Our most popular style by far is photo-realism. Modern CGI allows us to recreate real world objects, often in unexpected or idealised settings, which is the perfect way to grab the attention of your audience.

Endless possibilities

CGI has a big advantage over photography in that we can abuse the laws of physics. We create incredible images rooted in reality that cannot be achieved by any camera. Boost reflections, get ultra sharp images with an impossibly crisp focus or create lights that ignore certain objects, anything is possible!

Cartoon / Graphic


Why not caricature or simplify your subjects for a fun and humourous or satirical effect?


If your logo is a flat, solid coloured shape with hard edges why not produce other marketing imagery that matches in perfectly?


Less is more, declutter your brand and put the focus on the important elements.

Arts / Crafts

Add warmth to your images

Precise and realistic CGI can often look cold and lack the charm of a hand crafted image. That is why at Bigman we are pioneering a cutting edge approach to CGI that blends modern 3D techniques with traditional and organic looks.

Hand crafted CGI

Lose the mathematically perfect shapes common with CGI and create wonky, lovable models with a plasticine, pottery or origami look.

Old masters

Want a soft, impressionist painterly look? A sketchy pencil style or an urban spray paint look? If you are looking for a particular artistic look, our custom ‘Pollock‘ software is just what you need as it has been specifically developed to produce computer generated images with a human touch.

Roll your own

A style just for you

Don’t see the style you are looking for here? We love to hear new ideas that will challenge us creatively and of course we can match any existing style, so please contact us with your requests.