A man with a VR headset interacts with a VR medical room

Remedy Room VR

Exploring the future of virtual medical consultancy

Platform shift to VR

After the launch of the HTC Vive VR headset we were amazed by the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality technology, and how it might affect many of the industry verticals which we service.

Medical VR consulting

As we have worked in the medical / healthcare sectors for a number of years now we chose to create an experimental virtual consulting room where we could develop experimental use cases for VR within the medical disciplines

Dr Alastair Goode

We have partnered with cognitive scientist Dr Alastair Goode to imagine our ‘Remedy Room VR’ experience which we will develop over time to explore different aspects of virtual healthcare.

Reviewing 3D medical scan data

One problem that doctors face is the quick interpretation of complex data sets. An MRI or ultrasound scanner is able to capture an amazing level of detail in 3D but mostly these are reviewed in a two dimensional media like a computer monitor or in print. To be able to review this data intuitively in 3D by simply walking around the data allows a much more natural and rich experience of the information, leading to quicker and better diagnosis.

Remote consultancy

Already many medical appointments are now done over the phone or video conferencing but increasingly VR / AR technologies will be deployed to enable enriched remote consultancy. If the best specialist consultant for your condition lives on the other side of the world then a virtual appointment might bring help within reach that would otherwise be made impossible by the distances involved.

The ultimate mental health therapy tool

One of the most promising uses for VR and AR is to create controlled environments for mental health therapies.

Lets imagine your patient is arachnophobic, claustrophobic or has PTSD for example, and you’d like to cure them through gradual exposure to their phobia, you can very gradually increase stimuli, i..e number of spiders or the size of room they are in, in a gentle and safe manner all whilst closely monitoring them.

Mixed Reality

We have deployed René, our custom mixed reality technology to showcase our prototype app, this shows Dr Goode present within our virtual health room environment, the next phase will be to allow multiple users to access the space simultaneously.

Experience our demo

We are now actively encouraging our partners within the medical industry to collaborate with us on exciting new virtual therapies. Please get in touch if you would like a demo at our London mixed reality studio.

Mixed reality view of Dr Goode in the medical room

360 video of the medical VR space