Talk to a Doctor

3D brand mascot animation

Animated explainer video

Stadn, a global online medical service based in London, needed our help to find a way to explain their Talk to a Doctor service in a fast and concise way. They knew they wanted a 3D animation but were unsure on a direction to take it, so it was our job to come up with an engaging way to guide the audience through each aspect of their product.

Developing the idea

The service is an online medical consultancy aimed at English speakers both at home and abroad who need urgent medical advice or may be unfamiliar with a foreign health system. We decided that the best way to explain the service was to recreate it with 3D characters that showed real life examples of how Talk to a Doctor can be used.

Heroes and villains

Developing the characters was a key part of this project and we worked closely with Stadn to perfect them. We created the persona of ‘Clive’, he represents the target audience and is the centre of our story. We also designed the doctor character,  who embodies the values of the Talk to a Doctor service, and a contrasting ‘bad’ doctor with questionable morals.

3D character design

We quickly got started producing a number of appealing design ideas for each character. Minimalism was our main concern in the initial designs, as we wanted to present Talk to a Doctor as a modern, simple and easy to use service without any visual distractions. We developed our designs into a set of matching characters that incorporate the brand colour scheme.

Story telling

It was important that we showcased Talk to a Doctor’s features in a concise way through our character Clive’s experiences. To ensure we achieved this and that we were happy with Clive’s journey from problem to solution we made a number of revisions to the script and storyboard. This meant that when we came to animating we didn’t need to make any last minute costly changes.

Cartoon influences

Our team of specialist character animators brought the designs to life in 3D, taking Clive from paper to digital. Whilst animating him we thought it would be great to add some humour to his personality and actions, not only to entertain the audience but the help them further relate to the narrative.

Market success

Before the explainer video was launched to the public it was showcased during a worldwide tour of medical events in 2015. The video received a great reaction and achieved exactly what Stadn had set out to do.