Stylised training and marketing videos

Expert medical videos

Systagenix contacted us with an exciting brief to help them develop a series of animations that would showcase their innovative medical products. 19 videos were needed in total, half would demonstrate the real world application of each product whilst the other half would take it to a microscopic level and show the science behind the products.

A sensitive style

As we would be animating some very unpleasant wounds, it was important that our work wasn’t too gruesome. We developed a unique 3D style for Systagenix; a very graphic, cartoon style with a crisp and clean look that was in keeping with the brand values.

CGI fabric challenge

A huge challenge for us during this project was to accurately create the cloth that made up the plasters and bandages used in the videos. The fabric was extremely complex as each required different amounts of tension and involved a number of different layers.

Realistic cloth simulation

For the scenes where bandages are wrapped around the leg it was important that as the fabric was layered it naturally formed around the leg, like a real bandage would, but we also needed to create tension with the hand pulling from the other side. In order to create the precise look that we wanted it was essential that we used a cloth simulator, which applies scientific information to CGI fabric instructing it to behave realistically.

A prestigious accolade

This project was featured in the CGI issue of the Creative Review magazine (June 2012 issue). The article praised our approach to the work saying, “Bigman’s work for Systagenix, a market leader in the wound care industry, required them to depict arms and legs with serious illnesses such as necrosis and diabetic leg ulcers in order to show how the products are used. The imagery deliberately avoids the hyper real ‘to sidestep the obvious problems that the more squeamish viewer might encounter with photo-realistic depictions of wounds. Another benefit was a coherent integration of many flat, graphic elements from Systagenix’s recent rebranding’ says Bigman’s Tom Painter”.