South Downs

Quirky paper craft illustration

Non-corporate illustration

The South Downs National Park Authority came to us with a brief for some warm, non-corporate illustrations for their spring campaign. We got straight to work thinking of a unique idea that would give the impression they were looking for.

An ecofriendly material

The focus of the campaign was to encourage more visitors to travel the National Park by public transport, and so we wanted to incorporate the green message into the production of our work. After considering a few different styles we settled on using paper to sculpt our scenes as we felt it’s natural credentials perfectly reflected the message of the campaign.

Getting crafty

Having chosen our medium we decided that we would create a little world in a papercraft style. We contacted our good friend, Lisa, to help us to actually craft the 3D elements before we modelled them digitally.

Distinctive designs

As our work needed to be non-corporate we wanted our characters and scenes to have a unique and fun appearance that would allow the campaign to stand out. We developed this quirky, boxy style that worked perfectly in 3D and was a great embodiment of the South Downs message.