Spooky 3D illustration

Frightfully tasty

In 2013 for Halloween Sourz created a limited edition toffee apple flavour and needed some spooky art work to help launch the new drink.

We’re all ears

Sourz already had a clear concept for the campaign and wanted our help to turn their vision of a ghostly apple carving in to a realistic 3D object that could be seen alongside the new bottle design.

A digital advantage

Actually producing and photographing this would have been a tricky challenge but using CGI we had much more flexibility to create a very high detail image.

Polishing an apple

It was important that the digital apple looked as organic as possible. We spent time studying real apples and how light interacted with them, so that we could accurately recreate every detail in our carved one.

Design continuity

As the drink had a Halloween launch we wanted to continue the theme and make sure the image was as atmospheric as possible. We created a dramatic backdrop that would accentuate the focal element of the images.


When creating our images the bottle had not yet gone into production. This meant that our finished work allowed Sourz to previsualise their final product. This is another great benefit of CGI and be can extremely helpful when developing a product.