Smart For Two

Photo realistic CGI vehicle

Mixed media

We often have clients who come to us wanting a digital object inserted into a real world environment. With the use of CGI we can create photo realistic products that can be placed seamlessly into any photograph. This Smart For Two image we created is an excellent example of this.

Reaping the benefits

Using CGI to create a car may seem more complicated than traditional methods but it is a great way to enhance photographs and has so many benefits.

    • Faster – photographing this scene would have involved a huge amount of preparation, including obtaining the permission required and organising a crew.
    • Cheaper – where large physical objects are involved CGI has a great advantage and so the costs of creating work are much less.
    • Flexible – as we have no constraints we can create anything digitally and are able to control and alter every detail of an image.

Creating the illusion

Lighting is key to make these images look as natural as possible. We took to Brighton beach to get the background shots for this project. Whilst there we also took the image shown here, which was able to capture a 360 of the environment. We were then able to replicate the information we had about the lighting using computer software. This meant that the digital car looked natural in the background because the lighting was identical and not guessed.

Finishing touches

Once the CGI car had been modeled we could insert it into the background image, adding highlights and shadows and finally a touch of Photoshop wizardry to finish the image off.