Scottish Widows – Mymo

Versatile character design

Brand ambassador required

Scottish widows came to us to create a brand character from scratch to explain their new financial product, My Money Works.

Leave your ego at the door

Mymo, as he would come to be known, had to comply with a wide range of corporate guidelines. We made a deliberate decision to keep him as generic as possible so that he wouldn’t distract from the important messages being presented, which were to be the central focus of our work.

Please turn off all electronic devices

We believe all our most important work happens away from the computer and the way we began approaching this project was typical of our working process, simply with a sheet of paper and a humble pencil.

Get creative

In the early stages of the project we used our imagination and developed as many ideas and body shapes as we could whilst staying true to our objective of portraying a minimalist and modest personality.

Brand colours

We represented each topic with a simple iconic symbol, incorporating the brand colours in each image to reinforce the Scottish Widows identity. This meant there was a consistent style across the whole campaign.

Keeping it simple

The beauty of our design is the simplicity of it, which means that each topic is delivered clearly without any smaller, irrelevant details distracting from the wider message.

CGI cost savings

Although the CGI process can be more expensive than single illustrations, it can prove more cost efficient when a high quantity of work is needed. This large campaign was an excellent example of this and the savings quickly added up.

Animation ready

As we already had Mymo set up for a variety of different poses, it was easy further down the road to produce a brand animation that introduced the whole concept of My Money Works to the audience.