Scottish Government

High end 3D retouching

What frozen things do in summer

The Scottish Government needed some imagery to go with the launch of a new initiative. Their idea was to create an intriguing and eye catching visual by transforming a traditional snowman into a fun summery one.

Challenge accepted

This project posed some problems for us as all we had to work with was this stock photo of a winter snowman.

CGI magic

CGI is the perfect tool to create this kind of image. We are able to skilfully retouch any image, creating new elements that are consistent with an existing photo.

Classic retouching

Our first step in this process was to remove the winter clothing from the original image so we had a blank canvas for our new clothes.

Perfectly tailored

We used 3D modelling to create all the new elements on the image, mapping out every detail precisely. On the shirt we wanted an extremely high level of detail in order for our CGI to look realistic so we even created buttons, seams and creases.

Naturally lit

It was vital that the lighting of our digital clothing matched that of the original picture. We replicated the blue tinted, wintery lighting from the original and added it to our new elements so that the two were coherent.