Branded promotional illustration

Direct mail marketing images

Sainsbury’s needed our help to create some imagery that would promote their credit card service in a fun and interesting way. Our work needed to be instantly recognisable as part of the Sainsbury’s brand as it would be used for their direct mail to customers.

Brand style continuity

To achieve the instinctively Sainsbury’s style we decided to play on their most well known service and used everyday household products to create our graphic. We made sure to incorporate the existing colour scheme and used their famous orange for our toothpaste stripes and to add a striking background to the image.

Realistic 3D renders

Attention to detail was extremely important to this work as the toothpaste would be most effective if it was as realistic as possible. We painstakingly created the 3D lettering as though it was actually made from the gooey consistency of toothpaste,  curving the stripes around the edges of the shapes and forming peaks to the ends.