Informative 3D messages

Financial illustrations

We worked with design agency Further Creative to produce this campaign for the financial services giants Prudential. They wanted an informative series of 3D illustrations to use on their website.

An engaging message

The work that we created would need to be based around keywords relating to Prudential’s services conveying their message to the audience. We didn’t want our image to be too generic and so started working on a way that we could incorporate the text in an interesting and engaging way.

Integrated text

We began this work by giving the Prudential font the 3D treatment to create bold, stylised text, which we could then integrate into stock images to bring the messages to life. As we didn’t just want flat text we chose to arrange the words as a sculpture, livening up the lettering by rotating and layering it.

Photo realistic shading

Once our text was positioned we needed to make sure it looked as though it belonged. We reverse engineered the lighting from the stock photos and applied it to the text, adding reflections and shadows to create the illusion that it is physically in the imagery.