Pixar – Euro Pixels

Celebrating the pixel

Our Pixar partnership

As beta testers for Pixar we often work closely with them and have even helped to produce tutorials for their Renderman University.

Interesting images

Their tutorial ‘Euro Pixels’ was about setting up a network of computers for 3D rendering that could be accessible from anywhere in the world. They came to us to see if we could create some images that would bring this dry subject to life.

A remote controlled business

For this project we took inspiration from Bigman director Tom Painter’s actual trip to Europe. Whilst travelling he was able to remotely control our own rendering network at our UK HQ.

The humble pixel 

As the basic element which forms all of our work we thought that the pixel would be a great device to visualise the process of remote rendering.

Stylised satellite data

We developed a program that would automatically convert satellite images into pixels. The data from two satellite images was combined to form each illustration. One black and white image, which showed the height of the land, and one colour image, which depicted the actual colours. When processed, the geographical elements of both images were perfectly replicated in 3D pixels.

Making your data more engaging

This is a great example of what we are able to do in order to liven up any data and with the techniques we have at our disposal the possibilities are endless.