O2 Home – Award winning 360° degree retail research project

VR Point Of Sale (POS)

Our client in the market research industry, Populus, came to us with an interesting brief for O2’s retail stores. O2 needed to test an array of options for their point of sale for various products they were demonstrating. They also wanted to explore some of our innovative immersive solutions.


360 video research with Google Cardboard

We chose 360 video delivered through Google’s ‘cardboard’ virtual reality viewer as a great way to cheaply deliver a captivating VR experience to over 500 people. Google cardboard VR headsets utilise the users existing smartphone to make VR possible for as little as $1.50 per user for bulk deployments.

Google cardboard VR 360 viewer

The benefits of researching in VR

Testing in crowded retail environments can be complicated, and custom built research environments can be costly to run. With VR we can scale up to much larger research panels with much less friction and at a much lower cost.

Any easy user journey

We had to bear in mind that many users might not have used virtual reality before. We were able to embed the VR Media directly into the same page as the questionnaire leading to a smooth frustration free experience.

5 different 360 videos

Each ‘respondent’ (consumer doing the research) was given one of five different 360 videos as a stimulus. We used CGI to subtly alter the point of sale in each video, if you watch the 360 video edit here you can see all 5 videos edited together so you can see how each of the research videos was slightly different.

The UK’s first VR research panel 

Populus took 500 of their respondents with either android or iOS phones to create the worlds first ever virtual research panel, each were sent a google cardboard device along with simple, 3 step instructions

A more fun and immersive way to do research

Along with the primary research populous found that 68% of the respondents preferred doing they are in virtual reality as opposed to standard video or questionnaire based surveys.

MRS awards

Our client, Populus, were so happy with the results that they entered it along with a technical white paper, in a submission for a prestigious MRS award for 2017.

What the Judges said

“Populus Data Solutions were the worthy winners with an extremely innovative use of smartphone technology and Google headsets to test store concepts for O2. The client was clearly impressed with the elegance of this cutting edge solution in providing an immersive real-world reality solution on a quantitative scale without disruption to their physical stores.”