Corporate brand animation

CGI brand refresh

The Nuance Group is one of the world’s leading travel retailers, and in 2013 they brought together Bigman and Designhouse to help with their brand refresh. We needed to completely reimagine their brand identity and create graphics that would be in keeping with the new phase of the company.

An animated journey

For this project we needed to create a 3D ribbon that could be used to form a new logo and incorporated into motion graphics for the launch of the new branding. The concept behind this was that the ribbon would be on a journey, much like the customers who shop at the Nuance duty free stores.

No more tangles

Our ribbon needed to be animated in a way that looked as though it was moving freely but we found that left to its own devices it quickly became tangled. To avoid this we created a detailed plan of the path the ribbon would take so that it was able to flow easily through each transition.

Controlled CGI

In order to create a dynamic ribbon we had to embark on some research and development. We needed to find a way to pose the ribbon and then have it automatically animate between poses without getting knotted, which was easier said than done! Our solution to this problem came through some very complicated maths, which meant that we were able to twist any points of the ribbon we liked but the computer would deal with the complex transitions.

3D logo

A key part of this project was the new Nuance logo and it proved to be quite tricky as we needed to create an eye catching 3D logo that was strong enough to still work well as a 2D printed image. Our final design was bold and simple with the illusion of depth created using sophisticated lighting techniques.