National Secular Society Faith Schools

Highlighting the issues

Having already made the National Secular Society’s 150th anniversary video in 2017, the organisation approached this year to make an animation about faith schools.

The purpose was to highlight the issues of faiths schools and how they impact their communities. The National Secular Society want to make clear the amount of discrimination inherent in the faith schools system.

Hand drawn faith school signs

Getting personal

The topic of faith schools is a very human story about an issue that people feel very passionate about.

With this being the case, rather than using computer software such as photoshop or illustrator to create the assets, we approached this in a more human way. We hand drew the characters, buildings, school signs and all the other assets needed for the animation. This method allowed us to create charming imperfections in the art work that computers would lack.

The result

Everyone involved was really pleased with the result, a dynamic and educational video that explains the issues that are ingrained within the faith school system with a warm, hand drawn aesthetic that complements the important story being told.