MotorStorm Spots

Video game marketing animations

Blockbuster promotional videos

Superfad approached us to create some gritty and distressed animation spots for the launch of Sony’s MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. As this was a blockbuster AAA Playstation game it was extremely important that the work we produced was of a high quality and would be effective as a marketing tool, to generate pre-launch excitement.

A grungy look and feel

We wanted to tap directly into the game’s young target market with our videos. The game is heavily themed around music festival culture and so we thought it would be great if we aligned our work with this. Taking inspiration from the iconic Mad Max films, Glastonbury Festival and the Burning Man Festival, we created a series of animations that showcased the excitement of the game play with a rugged, grungy design.

Realistic digital footage

We knew that clean, crisp graphics wouldn’t be an appropriate representation of the game and so we replicated the appearance of shaky hand held footage, which was a great technique to give the illusion that the digital animations had actually been filmed. The urban, analogue look that we developed was in keeping with the game’s style and atmosphere and therefore appealed to potential players of the game.

Artistic audience

To finish the images we wanted to take further inspiration from the artistic festival scene. We developed a painterly look for this project incorporating spray paint effects and adding a vibrant wash of colour over each animation. Sony loved the extremely unique and eye catching visuals.