MGM Advantage

Creative character design

Quirky marketing campaign

Bigman were contacted by the Brighton based advertisement and design agency, Killer Creative. They were working with MGM Advantage on an idea for a space themed marketing campaign and needed our help to add a touch of playfulness to the project.

Artistic inspiration

In order to achieve the fun look MGM Advantage wanted in the image series we were producing, we explored a number of different creative styles that could be used. It was decided that the perfect style for our work would be a charming plasticine look, which would give our characters a unique appearance and form the basis of a great lighthearted campaign.

Paper planning

We knew that before beginning the hard task of rendering 3D plasticine images we would need to have a thorough plan. The best way for us to do this was by creating very detailed pencil drawings of each plasticine element. This allowed us to explore and develop a variety of different ideas that we would then transform into a digital image.

Charming organic CGI

We chose to make the plasticine figures very organic, incorporating all the bumps and finger prints that would have been there if they had actually been modeled, which meant our work had a human touch. Our finished work was a great success, injecting some soul into what could have been another cold computer generated image and creating a completely unique style that will stand out from others.