Mechanical Keyboard

Photo realistic product visualisation

Testing, testing

We regularly receive cutting edge new software from developers, such as Pixar, and before we update our system to incorporate them we like to do little trial runs of example projects. Using the software just as we would when producing actual work allows us to test it for any bugs and glitches, which can then be ironed out before client work begins.

Is it real?

Believe it or not this keyboard isn’t real! Using our expertise we have generated it entirely through the power of 3D rendering. These examples of photo realism really showcase the level of detail that we can add to our 3D designs.

A virtual photography studio

Using CGI we can completely replicate the work of a photography studio. We can quickly customise backgrounds with lighting designed to add maximum customer appeal to products but because CGI allows far more control we have none of the problematic issues that come with photography like unwanted smudges, reflections and shadows.

3D product visualisation

Another great advantage of CGI is the ability to rapidly prototype products that haven’t even been produced yet. Previsualising products means that you are able to experiment with design elements such as colour schemes, shapes and materials in a cost effective way before your products are mass produced.