iSpace Wellbeing Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality required

After working with iSpace Wellbeing to create their website we wondered if there was something a bit different we could offer to enhance the iSpace experience. A virtual reality environment was an exciting idea that both us and the client really wanted to explore. It was important that the VR experience be beneficial to the children it was targeted for.

iSpace characters posing

Tom, our director, on set testing out virtual reality ideas


The challenge for this VR experience was to form a brief from scratch and to come up with a meaningful concept fit for the iSpace Wellbeing programme. Bigman came up with several options including an exploration of the iSpace galaxy and a rocket ship taking off. But the idea that excited everyone most was a fairly simple concept; to aid the children in a breathing technique exercise.

sketches of the virtual reality concept

Keep calm…

Paula, the creator of iSpace Wellbeing, would talk through the iSpace breathing technique. At the same time a cartoon brain would breathe in and out in time with Paula’s instructions. When the brain blew out, the seeds from a dandelion clock would disperse around the VR user, helping them to relax and breathe calmly.

Paula with the iSpace brain demonstrating breathing technique

…and breathe

The final product was an experience where the child could be fully immersed in their own little world. They were able to comfortably explore their emotions and be aware of their self being in a calm, private environment where nothing could distract them.

iSpace brain breathing out and blowing the dandelion

Virtual Reality Video

360 VIDEO – press play, then click and drag to look around