Loveable digital mascot

Brighton based buddies

Designate, a fellow Brighton based agency, needed our help to reinvent the brand identity of travel insurance company Flexicover with a fun 3D mascot.

Flexible friend

We began this project brainstorming concepts for a fun and interesting travel insurance campaign. After going through a few ideas it was decided that our proposed mascot, Flex, would be based on the idea that he ‘has you covered’.

Literal thinking

To visually create our idea we thought it would be great if we took it quite literally with our mascot stretched around a range of travel related objects.

Less is more

As travel insurance is such a serious topic we needed to be sure to create a balance when designing our character, although he needed to be fun he would also need to portray an important message. To achieve this balance we chose to give Flex an iconic, simplistic design keeping him free of any elements that might distract from the overall campaign.

It’s all in the eyes

Expression is important for any character but as this mascot’s only details were in his face, we needed to get it just right and so we drafted countless different combinations of eyes and mouths. We found that even the smallest changes to the features completely altered the appearance and personality of our character. We tweaked the shapes of the eyes and mouths, adding teeth and eye colour until we had the perfect combination for our open and friendly mascot.