Capital FM

Dancing furry character animation

Seasonal event videos

We jumped at the chance to work with Social on an exciting project for Capital FM’s annual Christmas extravaganza; The Jingle Bell Ball. Our challenge was to animate a realistic polar bear with a variety of different dances that could be played on big screens during the concert at London’s O2 arena.

The bear essentials

The polar bear we were creating needed to look incredibly realistic and so to achieve this we spent time researching the subject. Using anatomy books we were able to model an extremely detailed bear that we were then able to animate with different dances.

Digital fur

Although the anatomy of our bear was an important detail, our real challenge came when adding digital fur to our animations. The fur needed to look realistic and behave naturally, but this is infamously tricky to produce using CGI. We used a fur simulator to accurately create and animate the millions of hairs needed for the polar bear.

Famous friends

The animations we created were a great success, our character’s jovial and fun personality made him a perfect fit for a family friendly event and really reflected the light entertainment values of Capital FM. Our furry friend was shown busting a move to the thousands of people at the O2 Arena, moon walking alongside pop legend Kylie Minogue!