Buhler Sorting Machine Explainer

Sorting it out

We were approached by Buhler to take an existing edit of a fruit and vegetable sorting machine and adapt it. The new animation needed multiple changes. The sorting machine itself was to be amended to remove certain components and add others. The overall colours and hues of the old animation needed to change from colder blues to warmer more autumnal colours. We also needed to create new assets of the food to be sorted; various types of nuts, corn and bones.

A peanut being analysed by size, shape and colour


The major issue with this animation was the rendering. We had huge amounts of complex mechanical rendering to produce in a very short space of time. We turned to cloud based rendering for the solution. Online rendering services allowed us to render out huge amounts of animation in an impressively short amount of time.

pre rendered image of sorting machine split apart


This process has solved so many problems Bigman was facing in terms of rendering. It allows us as a business to take on huge amounts of complex animation. We now know that we would be able to deliver even if the deadline was quite tight.

Almonds falling through sorting machine with other debris

Let’s go nuts!

The end result was an animation that blended seamlessly from old to new. Buhler were very happy and asked us to edit and adjust another animation for them. Not only did we end up with a great looking, very technical animation, we also tried, tested and succeeded in a new rendering process that will be a huge advantage to Bigman as a company moving forward.

Almond analysed by camera