Brugal Papá Andrés Rum

3D Animated Product Visualisation

Product launch video

Last year we had the opportunity to work with Edinburgh based agency Guy & Co on a very unique project. Brugal rum were launching the second edition of their exclusive Papá Andrés rum at a series of upmarket locations, the only problem was that the packaging hadn’t gone into production yet. So they came to us to create a 3D product visualisation video that could be used to promote the release.

A legendary collaboration

The esteemed Spanish designer, Javier Mariscal, was behind the design of the floral pattern adorning the crystal decanter and packaging, which was inspired by the colours of the Dominican Republic. Our mission was to showcase his designs and the beautifully decorated product in the best possible light.

Storytelling with light

Our idea was to tease the audience, casting light over the product as our camera panned across it to slowly reveal intricate design details. As lighting was a such an intrinsic element of the project, we incorporated lighting in our designs as early on as the storyboarding stage to ensure everything was planned out before animation began.

Crystal method

Not only are crystal and glass notoriously hard to visualise digitally but they are also difficult to light well because they’re transparent. We overcame these challenges by using a dark background with the light source coming from behind the bottle. This technique created a dramatic silhouette showcasing the bottle perfectly.

Complimentary colours

The Latin inspired bottle and packaging had a lively and vibrant feel, which we wanted to emphasise in the way we presented the 3D visualisation. To do this we chose a plain background that would contrast nicely with the product but not detract from it’s eye catching design.