Bertie’s Blanket

Watercolour children’s animation

Paints at the ready

Children’s author Debbie Friend put us to the task of bringing her illustrated book, Bertie’s Blanket, to life for a project for Nickelodeon.

Retaining the charm

It was important to us that we preserved the charm and integrity of Debbie’s artwork so we studied her original drawings in great detail. When we converted Bertie into 3D we were able replicate her hand drawn style, incorporating the watercolouring and pencil lines. This created a completely unique style of animation, blending the best of traditional media with all the benefits that CGI offers.

Technically challenging

Fabric is notoriously hard to create digitally but was central to the story line in this project. We needed the blanket to be natural so rather than painstakingly animating it we used a cloth simulator. This takes scientific information and applies it to a CGI object to accurately recreate the look and movement of fabric meaning that our blanket would behave like a blanket really would.

Artistic animation styles

Although CGI can create incredible photo real objects we are passionate about stretching the boundaries and using it more creatively. This is one of our unique offerings here at Bigman and we have even developed our own artistic renderer Pollock.