Magical product animation

Bar advertisements

We were contacted by Mind Orchard to help them with a project for Bacardi. They needed us to produce 9 animated adverts for Bacardi cocktails that could be shown on large HD screens in their bars to encourage sales.


The concept for our work was to bring to life all the ingredients of each cocktail. We wanted to pay homage to the 1940 Disney animation classic Fantasia from which we took inspiration for how we could accurately simulate human movements in the inanimate objects and how we would make them interact with each other.

Visual planning

The creative process for this project was open and collaborative, and because of this the progression of our work was extremely smooth. We created rough animations for each cocktail advert, which meant that everyone could previsualise what the final videos would actually look like and allowed the team at Bacardi to amend or add any elements they desired.

Natural challenges

Realistic looking glass and liquids are very hard to create and light using CGI, we needed to use advanced techniques to bring these complex elements to life. The key to portraying appealing looking fruity cocktails was in the details such the translucency and the tiny condensation droplets on the glasses.