Action Man

Humourous character animation

Our toy story

We are often tasked with bringing some of the craziest ideas to life using CGI for example imagining what Action Man might be doing when he’s not toting a gun and being macho.

A camp persona

Our animation’s humorous narrative was completely dependent on the personality of the character we were creating and so we spent a great deal of time developing this. We wanted to oppose the normal ideas of Action Man and so decided to give him a vibrant, camp personality.

Complex animation

This project posed a number of technical challenges for us, firstly we needed to combine our digital animation with a real photograph. In order for the join to be seamless we precisely copied the lighting of the background image when creating our work. We also had to delve into the complex world of cloth simulation, as we wanted the towel to be as realistic as possible. The simulator accurately replicates the look and movement of a real cloth using scientific information and automatically applies this to an animation.