3D rendering

Could it be magic?

Modern 3D rendering techniques have reached the point where it is often impossible to tell the difference between real and synthetic images. At Bigman we have the capability to fool the eye with amazing, highly detailed, realistic images.

Pixar quality

Our images look fantastic because we license the same Pixar technology used to create movies such as Toy story, Cars and Monster University. We have even helped Pixar create tutorials for their Renderman University!

More real than photography

Why limit yourself?

We have the power to simulate reality, so we don’t have to concern ourselves with any limits that would be imposed in the real world. We are free to create any image or blur the lines between reality and illusion.

Photography is dead

Using CGI we can create images faster, cheaper and with more creative control than a photographer, which is why so many companies are now utilising this method of image production in all of their work.

3D modelling service

Image based modelling

We have our own proprietary scanning technology that allows us to study any real life object and recreate it with a sub-millimetre accuracy.

Industrial light and magic

Our expert knowledge of lighting and the setup of realistic materials mean that we can achieve any effect a photographer might deliver or even create effects that would be completely impossible with photography.

Visualise the future

Product visualisation

CGI is an essential tool during product development, whether you need to raise investment funds or just want to show off the function of your products. We are able to create detailed visuals at a fraction of the cost of physical prototypes.

Rapid prototyping

Physically manufacturing iteration after iteration of a product is not cost effective and can take time. Using CGI solves all of these issues as it allows variations to be made and quickly tested until a product is perfected, saving time and money and helping to create better products.