Smartsheet is software we use for our project management. This video gives you a brief overview

A great way to track project status between the team

In the Workspace Viewer, you can create new workspaces for new projects. Allowing you to collate as many sheets as your like per project in an organised and easily accessible format.

The dashboard is the no. 1 view for internal staff. It’s a high level overview of projects and other tasks,

The sections at the top relates to the productions that are currently in progress, complete but not archived and future opportunities.

Further down are marketing, accounting, pipeline and other miscellaneous jobs.


The columns marked with initials are jobs for each member of staff. We can input priorities here by typing in p1, p2, p3 etc.

Each person’s priorities are part of a colour spectrum with the deepest darkest shade as the top priority and the lighter, weaker shades less important.

Over to the right are the attachment, comment and reminder icons. We use the attachment tool to save any relevent file for that row. The comment bubble is used for discussions and if we’re waiting for someone/ thing on a task we mark our column with a W and set our selves reminder using the bell icon