Motion graphics

Motion design

Motion graphics often mix a number of different mediums together, including 2D, 3D, text, video footage and audio. With this unique blend of media we can help you transform your subject into an interesting and engaging visual that will appeal to your audience.

Innovative imaging

The creation of motion graphics has been attributed to the revolutionary graphic designer, Saul Bass. Following the design of his beautiful title sequences, motion graphics has become an incredible visual tool that can be used to communicate complex concepts in a simple and elegant manner.

Branding specialists

We aim to inspire your audience and convert them into loyal customers, which is why we tailor every aspect of our videos to reflect your company’s ethos and values. If you have any corporate identity guidelines we can work within these or we can design you a stunning look from scratch.


Text design

Our passion for design is not limited to CGI animation, and one of our wide range of interests is typography and fonts. We have grown up developing our own fonts and are still as devoted to perfecting our designs, obsessing over the smallest details in order to achieve the most beautiful results.

Kinetic typography

Moving text is often a key feature in motion graphics and we can animate typography into any positions and with any movements we like. By creating dynamic text animations we can achieve a far more appealing video and therefore can help engage with your audience.