Medical Animation Agency London

We are a professional and experienced medical animation company in London. We understand that it is often a challenge trying to simplify complex information into easy to understand animation that engages your audience – and also gets across all your important points. Our professional team are experts at simplifying information in such a way, so if you have a medical animation project you’d like to talk about, please get in touch.

Medical Animation Experts in London

Visual Engagement

We pride ourselves on the highly specialist animations we have created in the medical field. Our visual representations of medical treatment are extremely engaging, useful and informative – as we are able to communicate complex and sensitive material with clarity and ease.

Simplified Imagery

Nothing should distract your audience from the important messages you are delivering, and so we often find the best way to do this is strip everything back, to remove all unnecessary elements from our work, for instance using a calm and distraction free white background and simplified animations. This way you can rest assured your audience is receiving the messages you are sending them.

Medical illustration

A Variety of Sectors

We can create medical visualisations for any sector in the medical industry in London and nationwide, including pharmaceutical, biotech, wound care, healthcare and dentistry.

Clean & Appealing

Using graphic and appetising illustrations, we can make it easy for your audience to understand complex scientific concepts clearly. We will expertly simplify difficult medical information in an easy to digest way, while simultaneously ensuring that no important points are lost.

Under the Microscope

Using CGI we are able to convey ideas that are impossible to film, and can even simulate a microscopic level with a huge amount of detail. We believe that nothing is too complicated or complex, and we love a challenge!

Our London Animation Studio

Our Soho office

We are lucky enough to have our London animation studio based in bustling Soho with its heady mix of creativity, culture and history. We love working here, and would love you to come and visit us too!

Come and see us!

Our office is located right near oxford circus tube station, and we would love you to pop by to discuss your animation project.

Our address

Bigman 48 Warwick St Soho London W1B 5NL