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Bring your story to life

Here at Bigman we believe that it is always best to tell a story visually, and animation is the perfect medium to bring any idea to life! Our expertise allows us to take any idea and create engaging visuals that will wow your audience.

Expert knowledge

Our artists have years of CGI experience and have even worked on big budget films, like Harry Potter, which means we are equipped to take on any challenge. Whether you need 2D or 3D animation, stop motion or even the traditional squash and stretch style, we can develop your ideas using any techniques.

Great value animation

You no longer need a Hollywood budget to create sophisticated CGI for your brand. Animation has become more accessible to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest independent companies to large international brands.

Character animation

We specialise in creating bespoke CGI characters, all of which have been carefully designed to be unique and appealing to your target audience.

Product Animation

Using photo-realistic CGI is the most time and cost effective way to develop your product from scratch.

Motion graphics

Wow your audience with dynamic, animated messages using a variety of media.

Explainer video

The function of explainer videos is exactly what it says on the tin; to explain. They are concise and informative and therefore a vital tool to introduce any new concept or process.

Corporate animation

Help your company to stand out and make an impact with our slick, professional corporate videos and images.

Medical animation

We have pioneered a sophisticated approach to create informative medical illustrations and videos that are clean and appealing.

Our London based clients include..

Bigman brought our idea to life with professionalism and creativity, involving us at every step of the way. We were extremely grateful for their patience during several rounds of amends and last-minute tweaks to get things just right. The finished product is better than we ever imagined! Richie Florey

Head of delivery, WPN Chameleon

Our London office

Visit Our London animation Studio in Soho!

Our animation studio is situated in Soho. We love being in one of the most creative and artistic parts of London and are inspired by the diverse and exciting community here.

Come and see us!

Our office is located right near oxford circus tube station, and we would love you to pop by to discuss your animation project.

Our address

48 Warwick St