Bespoke illustration styles

At Bigman we don’t stick to an ‘in-house style’ and produce our work in a huge variety of creative styles. We specialise in creating unique branding for each of our clients and if you don’t see a style that suits you here then we can develop something completely original that perfectly represents your brand values.

3D illustration

3D flexibility

The freedom that illustration gives us means that we can create anything in any style we can imagine. Our 3D illustrators think outside the box to bring you that unique look that hasn’t been seen before.

High resolution images

The 3D technology we use to create our illustrations gives us a level of control not possible with photography or traditional approaches. We are able to produce clean, beautiful images with sophisticated lighting and shading effects and with extremely accurate level of perspective.

Illustrative technology

We have developed a suite of custom technologies through our R&D initiatives, which have enabled us to create cutting edge styles.

2D illustration

Traditional styles

As creative artists ourselves, we love to incorporate traditional styles into our CGI illustrations. We are able to digitally simulate hand drawn styles using our expertise in Photoshop.

Vector illustration

We are experienced in graphic artwork and are able to produce sharp, clean vector illustrations. These beautiful images can be extremely beneficial to any campaign as they are incredibly flexible and can be scaled up to any size for a variety uses such as on billboards.