Brand your corporate imagery

Corporate illustration

We tailor every aspect of our illustrations to reflect your company ethos and values, so you can use them to maximise awareness of your brand.

Corporate animation

If a picture speaks a thousand words then an animation speaks a million, which is why it is the perfect tool to bring dry corporate information to life and engage your audience.

Professional experience

We have worked with some of the largest financial brands in the world but also with some of the smallest, so we can adapt our techniques to suit your budget.

 3D branded logo

Logo design

We create modern 3D logos that engage your audience and build your brand recognition. Our designs can be unique logos from scratch, or we can use your existing vector graphics or brand guidelines to successfully bring your company identity into the third dimension.

Slick CGI logos

Our CGI work allows for any idea to come to life and any texture or effect is possible! We can add premium looking shiny glass, steel or aluminium materials and render them in glorious high resolution with slick lighting effects.

Logo animation

We can also animate your logo with stunning movie style idents and even sound effects if required, which can then be used on your website, YouTube, in corporate presentations, DVDs, or in explainer videos.

3D text

Dynamic text

When developing 3D text we are able to use any font or a hand drawn design as a base, which we can then build on with a variety of interesting materials. We usually create our work digitally using CGI but we can also make physical paper cut or card models too.

Text animation

We can integrate your lettering within any image or animated video that you choose, bringing it to life as if it were real and tangible.

3D typography

3D typography offers many creative opportunities for making your message stand out in a crowded marketplace. As trained graphic designers we love to create highly detailed work that will ensure the text clearly communicates your message.

Animated infographics

Swamped by information?

Complex data can be extremely overwhelming but we are able to present your figures in an interesting and visual way. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes your customers to understand the concepts you wish to communicate.

Make images using data

We are even able to create beautiful ‘generative art’ using your data. By developing autonomous codes and set rules we quickly transform any information into unique, appealing and informative artwork that will help to convey your message and engage your audience.