CGI crafted for your product or service

Created just for you

At Bigman we are proud of our bespoke tailored approach to creating stunning computer generated imagery (CGI). We take the time to learn about what makes your product or service special, so we can create beautiful artwork that exceeds your goals and expectations.

Where art meets science

We license the latest Pixar technology to create our artwork, and our level of expertise is such that our director even writes tutorials on Pixar’s blog. But just like Pixar we believe that all these high-tech capabilities only come to life when they best serve the stories that we are telling.

Rock solid infrastructure

Our battle hardened production department has been running complex CGI projects for the last 9 years and our technical experts, producers and directors collaborate seamlessly to ensure your project runs on time, on budget and at the highest quality.

A smartly dressed man leans against large 3D text reading 'open'


Help your company to stand out and make an impact with our slick, professional corporate videos and images

Product Visualisation

Show your product at its best with our product visualisation service. Great for technical visualisations, exploded views, 360 product turntable videos and packshots

Medical CGI

Explain the mode of action by which your product works, or show how to use your product with our medical visualisation service

CGI characters

We design our charming CGI characters from scratch to tell your story in the most authentic and charismatic manner

Architectural CGI

Market your development in stunning high resolution detail before even the foundations have been laid with our Architectural visualisation service

CGI animation

Breath life into your content with our engaging and entertaining animation service

A baby zebra, holding a blanket, standing in front of a pastel ice cream van. All illustrated in a 2D watercolour style.


We love creating beautiful and imaginative images, and you won’t believe how many different ways we have to illustrate your ideas!