3D cartoon

Bring your subjects to life

Cartoons are a great way to liven up dry topics or add a human touch to a campaign. We have developed a number of unique styles that can be used to create dynamic and engaging cartoons.

Get down with the kids

In our technologically advanced world, even children are media savy and so it is important to create cartoons with a contemporary look. As fans of cartoons ourselves, as well as being parents, we understand their sophisticated needs.

3D graphics

Bold design

Most 3D CGI is displayed as 2D on a screen or page, so why not take advantage of that by adopting graphic elements such as flat colours, or a more minimal look.

Stylised graphic imagery

We can shade 3D objects in a flat, clean manner with specific branded colour schemes and mix them with 2D graphic elements to deliver a clearer message. We can even arrange elements neatly in a grid – giving order to information you wish to convey.


Digital generative art

Algorithmic wizards

We are passionate about individuality and are always looking for exciting ways we can brand your images. We have created a number of custom programs that use code to invent wonderful new styles.

Make your photography unique

Using our algorithms we are able to take any existing images and reimagine them in beautiful, complex ways. This is a great tool to make any data based message fun and interesting.

Personalise your campaign

New media forms such as digital print and web are extremely well suited to these techniques as we can input any data into our imagery and personalise it like never before. It is possible to generate huge editions of bespoke, branded artworks, which can then be delivered to potentially millions of people.