How can a 360 explainer video increase sales?

How can a 360 explainer video increase sales?

How can a 360 Explainer Video increase sales?

We have been in the business of creating meaningful explainer videos for quite some time now. Alongside this service recently we have also been producing branded 360 videos for clients such as Highland Spring.

A truly immersive experience

It was only then the penny dropped – why not combine both technological methods and provide a 360 explainer video as a new form of communication?

More and more of our clients are looking to find innovative ways to talk to their customers and this experience would allow them to do this in an informative way, allowing their customer to truly understand their product from the comfort of their sofa.

In this blog post, our Creative Director Nat talks about her understanding of 360 explainer videos and how she feels they can directly benefit you and your customer . . .

Try before you buy

Video is becoming an essential communication tool in the digital world and in terms of a cost effective marketing stragegy, AR, 360 and VR explainer video is the perfect solution to talk directly to the customer and to let the customer see exacly what they are getting for their money before they commit.

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ mentality has been proven to drive sales and a perfect example of this was earlier this year we were deciding on what family tent to buy. We heard through friends and family that there were these amazing new inflatabe tents on the market.

Being a huge sceptic I was automatically dubious. Did this beast really inflate in 12 minutes with only 2 people? How would it not burst predictably like the multiple air beds we have owned and replaced over the years and we would end up wearing our tent in the middle of the night? Was it really worth the extra cost?

Justified spending

Then I went online and saw on the explainer video how easy it actually was. I was in this tent at 10pm in my living room. Only 1 click away from spending probably hundreds more than I thought I needed to originally.

Gaining trust

It was a trust aspect for me. No other site gave me such a detailed visual demonstration of their tents – those birds eye view diagrams just don’t do it for me and don’t represent tall people like us very well. I knew exactly what I was buying due to the detailed 360 video demonstration, even if it was more expensive. The only thing it didn’t demonstrate was the fact it was the weight of a baby elephant! But then again we did go supersize.

Accessible to everyone

In a world where I purchase most of my goods online and don’t always have the chance to visit a store due to having a young family, this service offered me an opportunity to view our yet-to-be-nicknamed tent in as real an environment as possible at a covenient time without having to leave home. Nobody in their right mind wants to drag their 3 and 5 year old round multiple camping stores on their precious day off do they? I am an um’er and an ah’er when it comes to shopping. So to be able to revisit the video multiple times was perfect for me. I’m sure this level of convenience applies to wheelchair users and the elderly too.

Driving sales

For companies such as Virgin Atlantic who are all about providing an extraordinary experience, why not show the customer exactly what that experience is before committing? If they know that perfectly chilled inflight Champagne is served indefinitely on board and their chauffeur driven car service really is out of this world then why not spend that little bit extra and fly Upper Class this time? Or how about that customer that has a huge fear of flying may feel more reassured if they have an idea of what their surrounding environment is going to look like exactly before they board the flight?

Affordable marketing

Talking directly to customers is no longer just for large corporations with big TV commerical budgets. With an affordable 360 explainer video, it opens up so many opportunities to so many industries; aerospace, property, construction, tourism, medical, entertainment, events, even choosing your place at university right down to what student halls you prefer. The list is endless . . .

Now I’ve just to hope our newly delivered tent fits in to the car this weekend. Wish me luck . . .

About the author

Nat Cowx has recently joined the Bigman team as Creative Director. She comes from a brand design background and is constantly challenging new ways of effectively communicating. As an award winning designer she has spent over fourteen years creating meaningful experiences for the likes of GB Boccia, GB Para Table Tennis, Ogilvey & Mather UK, Spire Healthcare, Study Group, TBWA, Virgin Atlantic and Wasserman. Nat has constant wanderlust and is often finding new ways of satisfying her obsessive travel bug now with her young family.

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