What is (virtual) reality?

Before we can understand virtual reality, it’s useful to think for a moment about reality, which might be harder to pin down than you think!

Bigman Interviews – RealtimeBoard

Developing on our RealtimeBoard how-to-guide, we’ve conducted a little interview with Anna Boyarkina, Head of Product. Take a look to learn more about the exciting young company and what’s next for our favourite collaborative technology.

#BrightonArtists – Mia Underwood

The first in our blog series, #BrightonArtists, taking a look into some of our favourite local artists. This time we talk to Mia Underwood, an artist and author, about her influential creative family and her unique styles, including her needle felted figurines, which we love!

8 ways to brand your animation

An animation is a great way to help to set you apart from your competitors, but it is always important to remember to stay focused on your brand and message. Take a look at these tips we have put together to help you create strong branding in any animation.

How Much Does Animation Cost?

Thinking of commissioning CGI animation for your next project but daunted by the price? It isn’t as scary as you might think! We’ve put together this guide to help you understand what will affect the cost of your animation.