Extra charm

One of the many ways to can give our CGI some extra charm is by making it look like it has actually been crafted from plasticine or Fimo. We are able to replicate the quirky 3D style of this medium but in a precise digital way.

Paper Cut

Made from paper

Papercraft is a meticulous art form, and certainly not for the impatient, but the results are beautiful. Using CGI we are able to enhance papercraft images to create delightful and impacting images.


Traditional styles

Thanks to our ground breaking new Pollock renderer we are able to paint CGI models in the style of the old masters.



Draw 3D computer models in an organic and natural pencil style.


Street style

Urban mediums such as spray paint, stencils and marker pens produce a wide range of striking, raw and experimental looks that can be used to style 3D renders.