A 3D male cartoon character enters a car park using his phone.

Our animation service

We are animation specialists

Bring your story to life

Animation is the perfect storytelling medium. At our Brighton animation studio we bring your idea to life with our sophisticated techniques.

Pixar technology

We are enthusiastic about using the best technology in order to achieve the best results, which is why we use Pixar’s own premium technology in all of our projects. This is the same technology that was used to create Hollywood blockbusters such as Toy Story and Harry Potter.

A 3D car tyre flies through the air, surround by graffiti style paint splatters and a black island outlined in the distance.

Choose your style

Learning from the masters

We employ Disney’s 12 classical principles of animation when creating our work, in order to achieve and uphold our high standard of work.

A variety of animation techniques

From 2D and 3D animation to stop motion or even the traditional squash and stretch style, here at Bigman we are skilled in a huge number of animation styles and can develop your ideas using any techniques.

A crafty styled 3D rocket flies through a dark and starry space amongst a number of meteors.

3D animation

Endless possibilities

With 3D animation we have almost no limitations in terms of what we can produce; whether you want to simulate the real world or if you have a crazy and imaginative idea we are able to create it using CGI.

Experienced VFX studio

Our artists have worked on a number of big budget films, such as Harry Potter, which enables us to deliver visual effects sequences that will blow you and your audience away.

Great value animation

These days you don’t need a Hollywood budget to use CGI for your brand as animation has become more accessible to businesses of all sizes, from the smallest independent companies to large international brands.

A photo-realistic CGI polar bear dances on arctic ice whilst wearing headphones, under a dark and starry sky.

Explainer Video

What’s an Explainer Video?

The function of explainer videos is exactly what it says on the tin; to explain. They are concise and informative and therefore a vital tool to introduce any new concept or process.

2D explainer videos

Animation can be an expensive endeavour, but if you want to create engaging, concise and entertaining content without breaking the budget then doing things in two dimensions is the way to go.

3D explainer videos

Show off your product in all its glory with our high-end CGI explainer videos, create slick, glossy animations with realistic reflections and stunning attention to detail.

Motion Graphics

Mix your media

Wow your audience with dynamic, animated messages using a variety of media.

Super cool motion design

Somewhere between graphic design and film, is the abstract and expressive realm of motion design. We can pick and choose between realistic or fantastic graphics to create jaw dropping and creative films for your brand.

A photo-realistic blue Mini with CGI cubes falling behind

Storyboarding process

Careful planning

At Bigman we are committed to producing work at the highest possible standard and so don’t like to rush into things. We work with you on your strategy, script and storyboards to ensure the final result surpasses all your goals and expectations.

Drawn for you

For every project our skilled creative team produces a number detailed plans that suit your needs and help solve some of the biggest creative challenges before we begin animation.

Sketched storyboard panels showing an NCP customer's journey to arrive at their car park